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Mr Aborga


Passionate and Crazy About Music!

I am known as Mr. Aborga and I'm a Belgium-based Ghanaian Hip-Hop producer. My style is mainly Orchestra mixed with the Hip-Hop style with some African percussions to give it an authentic feel.

I double up as an indie label owner (Aborga Records) and manager for Ghanaian comic rapper Ay Poyoo.

I have made some incredible marks in these few years and some of these include the viral song "GOAT" Aponkye by Ghanaian comic rapper; Ay Poyoo. The music video for the song has over Two (2) million views on YouTube and had Hollywood celebrities like Michael Blackson, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, and a few others talking about the song. 

The song was also featured on BBC Africa and got into some of the most biggest playlists on Spotify.

My second most successful production is titled "Ghana Scammer" by Boss Bouncy also featured on National Geographic TV's "TRAFFICKED" hosted by an award-winning international investigative journalist; Maria Van Zeller.

I am currently organizing a compilation mixtape that will feature talented artists across the globe. It will become an annual thing and the dream is to show the world the hidden talents willing to express themselves.


"GOAT" (Aponkye) Milestones

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Mr Aborga in Belgium
Aborga Records
Aborga records